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5 Reasons your Small Business needs a Freelance Digital Marketer

It’s no secret that digital marketing has become necessary for businesses to stay competitive. Living in the digital age that we do, companies need to put consistent efforts into their online marketing activities. Let’s face it, as a small business owner, you know that other tasks tend to take priority leaving your social channels lagging. Hiring a freelance digital marketer is an excellent way to give your online endeavours the attention they need without having to invest as much of your money or time.

Freelance Digital Marketer

1. Cost-effective

Working through an agency or hiring a full-time employee to cover your digital marketing needs may be out of your budget. Contracting with a freelancer could cost you far less, particularly if you need assistance with a short-term project.

Freelancers’ rates are usually much more budget-friendly, and most will offer bespoke and personalised packages to suit your business's particular marketing needs.

2. Freelancers’ flexibility

A main reason freelancer marketers choose to become self-employed is so that they can become more flexible with their time – and their clients benefit from this too. Flexibility in freelancers' working hours means they could potentially work some evenings and weekends and can even be available to do work at short notice. Unlike a digital marketing agency that is probably working with multiple clients at once, freelancers are presumably working with a small handful of clients at most and therefore can be more open to last-minute changes to projects and availability.

3. Time saver

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a freelance digital marketer is that it will inevitably free up your time for other pressing matters on your agenda. Creating content for socials, tracking channel performance, and running email campaigns can be extremely time-consuming, especially for a small business owner covering almost, if not all other responsibilities in the business. Free up some valuable time for business development and other tasks by utilising the expertise of a freelance digital marketer.

4. Focus

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities and it’s not always easy to find the time to put effort into promoting your business online. Running a business as well as managing its marketing is in essence, working two jobs and has the potential to leave you feeling burnt out. Hiring a freelance marketer to assist with your marketing efforts, whether that’s looking after your email marketing or your social media accounts, will help you retain balance in your priorities and free up your time to spend on the other needs of your business.

5. Expertise

Is there a specific aspect of your marketing you need to concentrate on? The wonderful thing about freelance digital marketers is that they will have expertise in particular disciplines under the marketing umbrella which means you can find someone who can meet your specific professional needs. Do you a google Ads Expert? Or maybe you’re looking for influencer marketing for your new product launch? There are several places you can find a Freelancer online, like Freelancer, where you can search and find the perfect digital marketing expert with the specific expertise for your personal needs.

If you’re a small business and looking to outsource some digital marketing activities to an experienced professional, hiring a freelance digital marketer is a great choice for your business, as well as your bank balance!

Already been thinking about working with a freelance marketing expert? Reach out today for a no-obligation chat about your marketing needs!

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