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Understanding Creativity Blocks and Learning how to Tackle Them

Creativity block can be your worst enemy.

In any type of creative profession, it isn't just extremely frustrating, it can be potentially damaging to your career... so how do we tackle creativity blocks? Different blocks require different solutions! Not all creativity blocks are the same so first things first, you need to determine which type you are experiencing.

Here are 4 types of common creativity blocks and guidance on how to kick them to the curb!

1. The Overthinker

The Problem:

  • You're trapped in your own thinking.

  • Your inner critic is in hyperdrive and you find fault in every idea you have.

  • You're stopping yourself from taking risks.

  • You're stuck in your comfort zone.

The Solution:

  • Get out of your had by doing other things that can help you reconnect with your creativity.

  • Read a good book, watch an inspiring film or listen to an enlightening podcast.

  • Go on an adventure somewhere new.

  • Take note of any ideas you have and you'll have a source of inspiration when you're ready to create.

2. The Work Habits

The Problem:

  • Your daily work habits and routine aren't aligning with your creativity.

  • You're getting side-tracked by other tasks and aren't finding time to create.

  • Your environment is demanding your attention.

  • Your schedule just isn't working anymore.

The Solution:

  • Rework your schedule and spend time finding what works best for you.

  • Create a habit, put in the initial effort and commit.

  • Spend time figuring out your best/most productive times to be creative.

  • Put importance on eating well and sleeping sufficiently in your new routine.

3. The Life Change

The Problem:

  • A significant life change makes it hard to concentrate, and creativity demands focus.

  • You're experiencing relationship or health problems.

  • You're grieving someone special.

  • You've recently made a big move or career change.

The Solution:

  • Talk it out in a safe space, seek specialist support.

  • Take a short-term break from creating to focus on a resolution.

  • Cope through your creativity. Use your work as a refuge in the upset.

4. The Emotional Barrier

The Problem:

  • You're emotionally overwhelmed and it's blocking your creativity.

  • Your fear is kicking in and you're afraid you'll create something rubbish.

  • You believe you've already made your best work so it's downhill from here.

The Solution:

  • Face your fears - pinpoint the source of your problem to find a resolution.

  • Remind yourself why you started and what hobbies/tasks you enjoy.

  • Take a break from being creative and complete something routine and enjoyable.

5. The Complete Overwhelm

The Problem:

  • You're simply doing too much.

  • It's hard to concentrate on creating because there is so much going on around you.

  • You've taken on too many projects and now you're stuck with way too much to do.

  • You've said yes too many times.

The Solution:

  • Free up some space as a priority and stop spreading yourself so thinly.

  • List your projects/commitments in order of priority.

  • Give yourself some 'me time'.

  • Scratch any tasks you simply don't want to do anymore.

Whatever way your creativity is suffering, these great tips will give you the starting point to help you deal with different types of creativity blocks - try them out and begin breaking down those creative barriers!

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